Intel shows off wireless charging

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Intel Wireless power

Tired of all those chargers for all of your gadgets? Cameras, cell phones, PSPs, laptops, everything has a power cord even if it’s portable. In a few years that may be a thing of the past (well, maybe more than a few years). Intel has been researching wireless charging technology and has shown it off for the first time.

Intel’s system uses two metal rings connected by to a power amplifier. The two rings transmit power to any device close to it. Sure, it’s not entirely efficient (the numbers seem to say it’s only about 75 percent efficient when transmitting 60 watts two feet), but it given time that could improve. The Wired article assures that the technology is safe for humans, so that’s a plus.

Imagining the day when all our gadgets could be charged wirelessly, when laptops aren’t bound to the wall when the battery runs out makes me quite happy. I doubt that day will come very soon, but it’d be nice if it did.

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