Amazon confirms new Kindle student edition

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Some further information about the rumored upcoming Amazon Kindle student edition is now claiming that Amazon has confirmed the device is in the works. According to a recent report from the Seattle PI, Amazon has confirmed that “they are planning to target colleges and universities with a new version of the Kindle.”

Based on the information available to date, the student edition Kindle will offer a larger screen, which I think makes sense when reading textbooks. Of course, we can only hope that text book pricing will be relatively inexpensive for the digital versions, because this could essentially kill, or seriously slow the used book market, which means no more quick cash at the end of the semester.

It also sounds like a student version of the Kindle will be a welcomed device, according to McGraw-Hill Education they already publish 95% of their textbooks digitally, but as of current they are not as popular because a good reading device is not yet available.

Of course, what I would suppose is the most important would be the pricing of the reader itself. However with the way text books are currently priced, I am not sure it would be hard to find a nice price point that is able to compete.

Read [Seattle PI] Via [TechCrunch]

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  • ggendel

    Unless they make the screen MUCH more durable, this seems like a really bad idea. Throwing these around like a laptop is guaranteed to end it's lifespan quickly.

    And I would hope that it would have the ability to jot notes onto the page.

  • Shawn Ingram

    It would also be possible to buy the digital copies and put them on an iPhone/iPod touch. Possibly the biggest difficulty for most students would be obtaining the digital copies. I know I gladly would were they available, but not every textbook is published by McGraw-Hill.

  • Josef Torkelsen

    Hmmmm… sounds like a pretty good idea. I love the idea of carrying around a smaller device then a few really large textbooks. Plus highlighting on the kindle would probably work better then using highlighters. The only problem I see is that I buy used and sell used so textbooks only cost me about $10 a book.