Canon targets the youth market with the new PowerShot E1 digital camera

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Canon PowerShot E1

Canon has introduced its newest digital camera line called the PowerShot E-Series. For starters, the PowerShot E-Series is getting the trendy PowerShot E1 digital camera. To be released in 3 eye-catching colors – white, blue or pink, the PowerShot E1 is geared for the teen and tween users and features an eye-candy stylish design highlighted by its rounded and curvy form factor.

But aside from its stylish form factor, the PowerShot E1 also boasts of decent camera features such as, a 10-megapixel sensor, 4x optical zoom, a 4-inch LCD, optical image stabilization, face detection and 17 shooting modes including Easy Mode and Scene Mode. This camera uses AA batteries so users are pretty sure that they can always replace it anytime, anywhere.

Fortunately for parents, they don’t have to worry spending too much of their budget as it will retail for $199.99, except the PowerShot E1 to hit the market sometime in September.

Read [Canon Press Room]

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