RadioShack to sell the Samsung Instinct for $100 during Labor Day Weekend

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Samsung Instinct

Sprint’s popular, new smartphone, the Samsung Instinct, is going to be sold for the first time at RadioShack coming this Labor Day Weekend. You might be thinking, what’s so special about RadioShack selling the Samsung Instinct, I could go buy it at any other retailer or the Sprint store. Well, the reason is that RadioShack will be selling the Instinct for the low price of $100 for new customers.

From August 29 through the end of the holiday weekend, new users will be able to score a Samsung Instinct at 4,400+ RadioShack stores for just $100. This pricing does require customers to sign a new agreement and sign up with Sprint’s Simply Everything Plan. Current customers looking to upgrade the existing Spring handset will still have to pay $129 for the Instinct. Overall sounds like a great deal for RadioShack, and it should be good enough to get some people to switch to Sprint in order to get this phone.

Via [MobileBurn]

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  • Gemini

    RadioShack sells Sprint and AT&T;phones, and all prices are lower than Sprint and AT&T;stores. Also, you don't have to wait in line for an hour to get your phone…