Leaked Images begin to surface; Zune 16GB, Zune 120GB

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New Zune 16GB and 120GB

Remember the good ol’ FCC leaking out the new Zune 120GB? Well, now there have been some pictures released by the Canadians that show off two new larger capacity Zune players. The image includes a 16GB flash based model and the new 120GB model.

The pictures show up pretty clear considering they were taking from a phone, and you can see that the 16GB Zune has a glossy screen. It would make sense that Microsoft is updating their Zunes, as there have been rumors of what Apple plans to do come their special event. If Apple decides to update their nano, Microsoft will want to have something updated in their Zune line up as well.

Stay tuned for any further developments.

Via [Zunited]

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  • byte monster

    Whether it is MP4 players, search engines, business applications or game consoles, Microsoft is constantly playing catch up.

    These Zunes are good products but they don't have anything that makes them better than the equivalent Ipod

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  • online store

    Microsoft will want to have something updated in their Zune line up as well.

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  • freaklasers

    I don't zune will beat ipod just because its huge storage space.

  • Ultrasonic humidifier

    The new Zune can’t beat the iPod classic’s battery life or game support, but it does have a better screen, useful music-discovery features, and wireless. Ultimately, the 120GB Microsoft Zune is an excellent iPod classic alternative and gives you significantly more features for the same price.

  • Abigail Wolcott

    I want to own this!

  • perfectlasers

    The Zune is really very huge, I wanna to get one.

  • astronomy lasers

    the Zune is looking pretty cool, i wanna to get one immediately!

  • military lasers

    I believe that Zune can beat iPod easily. the storage spacke is pretty great!