Logitech makes skinniest keyboard yet with an Illuminated Keyboard

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Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

Logitech has made a lot of cool keyboards in the last few years, and the one we most recently reported on is the wireless Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard.

Logitech has recently announced some new keyboards, and the most prominent is the Illuminated Keyboard, pictured above. It has, to its credit, broken the record for being the skinniest keyboard at about 9.3 millimeters thick (or in this case, thin).

Of course, being anorexic is not the only thing the Illuminated Keyboard has going for it. It has an adjustable backlight, a soft-touch palm rest and dedicated multi-media keys for one-touch action.

The Illuminated Keyboard isn’t the only keyboard that Logitech unveiled. There is also the DiNovo Keyboard for Notebooks that is 2.4 GHz wireless ready. The other one, the Cordless Desktop S520, has a 3-year battery life.

All three keyboards will be available at various times for various prices. The Illuminated will be out in September for $80, the DiNovo in October for $100, and the Cordless Desktop S520 in September for $60.

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  • Adam Berger

    I love my DiNovo Keyboard, and this seems to just get better…but do I see a cord on that image? Who uses corded keyboards anymore?