Bill Gates, Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft ad is all about nothing

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Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld

Microsoft has invested about $300 million dollars in a new advertising campaign featuring comic legend Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates, but their first foray, which aired September 4th, is questionable at best.

The ad features Jerry Seinfeld going to a store known as Shoe Circus, which is presumably not a real place of business. He happens to meet Bill Gates there, and helps him try on shoes.

That’s about it. The only mention of a product is at the end, where Jerry suggests that Bill make computers out of cake so we can “eat while we work”. I’m still waiting for the punchline, or at least one funnier than that.

I guess I should expect such material from Seinfeld, whose self-titled show was, as he said, “a show about nothing”. Usually shows lacked any sense of moral theme, and if there was one, it was subtle. I suppose the subtle theme of this ad is that Microsoft listens to everyone’s opinions, no matter how stupid they are.

Of course, Seinfeld took a while before it worked. The first episode was considered “weak” by NBC reviewers, but it was a phenomenon by the time it said goodbye. Perhaps these commercials will get better with age.

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  • David Blomstrom

    Wow, it's sad watching Jerry Seinfeld self-destruct along with Bill Gates and Microsoft. On the other hand, Gates gave Jerry $10 million to take the fall. If he's amart, he invested the money in Apple stocks.

    Note to Bill Gates: Get help. Even your phony philanthropy can't rehabilitate your public image, and your bizarre and hopelessly unfunny ads are turning you into another Michael Jackson.

    If you want to shake your fat ass in front of millions of people, at least include a decent song in the background. Ninety seconds of Bill Gates wiggling his butt could be no less effective than this deranged ad.

    To learn more about the world's richest kook, see the "knol" Bill Gates: A Critical Biography at This ad is a milestone in something or other – stupidity, maybe. It's certainly a fascinating study in psychology and propaganda. I've long been struck by Microsoft's mean-spirited anti-anti-M$ campaign. People who report problems with Vista or other M$ nightmares are simply dismissed as stupid. Now, the same insults are being hurled at people who don't see the humor in the Jerry Seinfeld ad.

    1) The ad is incredibly witty and funny. 2) My reaction was "WTF???" therefore, I'm stupid.

    Frankly, I think this ad is one of the best pieces of evidence yet that Bill Gates is MENTAL. Let's face it, the dude born with the world's biggest silver spoon in his mouth is going Michael Jackson on us.

    Even more frightening: The Bill Gates Fan Club is mental, too. Honestly, some of his supporters need therapy.

    One thing I think we can all agree on: Apple doesn't need to worry about this ad. Indeed, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple is offering Gates another $300 million to extend the series.

    In the meantime, anyone who wants to learn more about the world's richest fruit cake is invited to read my "knol" Bill Gates: A Critical Biography at

  • Dave

    I loved it. Of course, I have an entire blog dedicated to shoe-related humor and trivia.

  • Shox

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