Rumored October 2 AT&T BlackBerry Bold launch date holding steady

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I almost hate to say this is an accurate date, but so far the rumored October 2 launching of AT&T’s BlackBerry Bold seems to be holding true. Of course with so many other carriers managing to get it to market it seems AT&T is just at the point of saving face here, and really cannot stand any more delays or criticism with this release.

Anyway, the latest addition to this rumor adds yet another date of September 24, however that is supposed to be when dealers can begin placing their orders. That way they are ready for consumers on October 2. This was further confirmed by a reported leaked email that cam from a “few AT&T dealers” via the “head office.”

“AT&T is pleased to announce the launch of the new Blackberry Bold. It will be available to order on September 24, 2008. “

Unfortunately its still a few weeks away, at this point we can only hope it stands true. The one good point is that maybe we can see the Bold a bit earlier than October 2, because the dealer ordering should not take but a day or two.

Via [CrackBerry]

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