Nokia puts Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync on S60 mobile phones

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Nokia S60 phones

In what could possibly be a move to weaken its rivals stronghold in the US smartphone market, Nokia announced that it will soon be embedding Microsoft Exchange Activesync on all of its S60-powered mobile phones. If you’re wondering how many S60 models of phones Nokia has, last time we check it was around 43.

With Microsoft Exchange Activesync on their mobile phones, users will have quick access to Microsoft’s corporate email system when they buy any of those Nokia models. Previously, Nokia was offering Microsoft’s mobile email client via a download system to only a few of Nokia’s mobile phones. But existing Nokia users found it difficult to download the email client. With the planned integration of the email client as a standard feature of its S60 phones, Nokia is hoping to attract more smartphone users into buying their units since setting up the email client to access their corporate email can be easily done by the users even without the help of their IT department.

Now, this might seem a pretty attractive offering for would-be Nokia handset buyers but Nokia is facing a tough challenge ahead since RIM has already established itself as the choice smartphones for business use. Others have tried but never really seem to beat RIM’s clout in the smartphone market. Another problem which Nokia is about to face is the fact that most of its handsets are not released through US carriers, hence pricing tends to be more expensive than Blackberry handsets.

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  • Marvin Alvarez

    I was so excited about this new feature until I realized that I already had it installed in my Nokia N82 months ago.

    I thought the ActiveSync desktop client finally supported Nokia S60 phones.

  • KATE

    However, in my part, the function of "exchange" is of great difficulty to use./