FitBit Trainer keeps you fit, digitally

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FitBit Trainer

Why is it so hard to exercise these days? Perhaps it has something to do with the accuracy of the results. Sure, you could hire a personal trainer, count calories, but all of that costs both time and money that are better spent elsewhere. You might be able to save both with the FitBit Trainer, a tiny device that the user puts on their clothes, and takes down all the pertinent fitness information.

It was TechCrunch 50 that recently unveiled the FitBit Trainer, a motion sensor that can track exercise intensity levels, calories burned, plus steps and distance traveled. Apparently, it can also monitor your sleep quality as well.

The FitBit trainer comes with a 2.4 GHz wireless base which simultaneously serves as a charging station. In order for the user to download his or her recent information online, the clip has to come into close proximity of this base/charging station. To charge the device, all that is required is to slip it on the base.

I see a lot of potential for the FitBit, and I can’t help but wonder if we’ll be seeing one of these devices on everyone. If they could make them with MP3 capabilities, the FitBit could be the next iPod.

You won’t be able to see it here, but the company plans to market the FitBit with an OLED screen that will have an avatar that will grow and shrink, depending on your exercise performance. The FitBit will be available sometime after December for a low price of $99.

Via [Gearlog]

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