AT&T to release the Wi-Fi enabled Blackberry 8320 Curve on September 23?

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AT&T to release the Wi-Fi enabled Blackberry 8320 Curve on September 23?

Of course at this point it is safe to say that most BlackBerry using AT&T customers are looking forward to the Bold coming available shortly, but just in case you would cannot wait the extra few weeks till the release, or have some strange attraction to the Curve, it looks like the Wi-Fi enabled 8320 will be released on September 23. Keep in mind that an official announcement has not come yet, and currently this information is coming courtesy of a “tip from an informant.”

Like I have already mentioned if I were a BlackBerry user looking to upgrade soon I would hold out a little longer for the Bold, sure it will be a little more expensive but it also includes 3G and GPS in addition to the Wi-Fi. However with that said the Curve 8320 should still be a nice offering.

The Curve 8320 will feature Wi-Fi in addition to the other standard features that we have come to love on the previous models of the Curve. The 8320 will (at least initially) only be available in titanium coloring and it will set you back $199.99 which of course comes after a $100 mail-in-rebate and along with a 2-year agreement.

Another nice perk of the Curve 8320 is that it will be running OS 4.5. Also for any current Curve 8310 users, AT&T is also planning on releasing OS 4.5 as an update on September 23.

Via [BlackBerry News]

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  • Green Cell Phone

    I cant wait for this release, I currently use the 8830 with CDMA and optional SIM Slot. Do you know it the 8830 will be able to upgrade to the 4.5 OS?