Setting up conferences gets easier

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mobilephoneWhile the Internet has been a valuable tool for small business owners, teleconferences remain a popular way to meet with clients, employees and colleagues. However, in today’s busy world they aren’t always easy to set up. With the increasing popularity of ultra portable notebooks and mobile broadband, the people you need to conference with are as or more likely to be out of the office than in it.

FreeConference, a service offering free audio conferences, has announced a new text messaging service that can make it easier. For just $0.45 a message, they will send a text reminder to your phone 15 minutes before your conference. Organizers can send an On Demand message to their phones which will allow them to set up a conference call from their phone quickly and easily.

“We are making sure conference calling is simple, convenient and reliable, wherever you are and whenever you need it,” commented Alex Cory, CEO of Global Conference Partners, parent company of FreeConference. “We already have you covered on the web or from your desktop. With text messaging services, we are adding the convenience of managing calls right from your mobile phone, ensuring that you never have to miss a conference call again or scramble for the number to call.”

The convenience of being able to organize or join a teleconference no matter where you are will be yet another valuable tool for small businesses. Clients and employees alike will enjoy not having to be tied to their desks or a conference room, and the flexibility and ease of scheduling will ensure that your conferences will be well attended. To sign up, visit


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