Crossover Chromium brings Google Chrome to Mac/Linux

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ChromiumCodeweavers, the company behind the commercial aspect of the WINE project, has released a Mac and Linux version of Google Chrome after only two weeks since the debut of the Windows version. It isn’t a “real” release by any means. The company even refers to it as a “proof-of-concept” and not as a proper way of using Chrome on Mac and Linux. It is based on the on the Chromium open source project behind Chrome, hence the name of Crossover Chromium.

Actually, using the browser is decent, though it is obvious that it is only a “proof-of-concept.” The window appears the same as it does in Windows, the small status bar on the bottom left of the browser has a few extra black pixels around it, and it seems to glitch a bit when the window size is changed. It works mainly as an instance of Google Chrome in a small version of Windows XP (which is just what WINE does, implement Windows into Mac and Linux). Because of this, the commands are the same as in Windows, which can be a bit strange, but does make sense.

The release of Crossover Chromium is impressive for what it is. It shows off just how fast the people behind WINE can work and what WINE is actually capable of.

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  • Matt

    Ive seen a lot of Mac users asking for this. Thanks for the update!