Asus makes the N-Series notebook official

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Asus N-Series Notebooks

We already know so many details about the Asus N10 since its specs sheet was leaked not so long ago. A product listing at the J&R online store even appeared after the leaked specs sheet. But no official announcement has came out from Asus, until now. Asus Taiwan has officially announced not just the N10 notebook, but a family of N-Series notebooks comprising of the N10, N20, N80 and N50 models.

Featuring the “highly-efficient Super Hybrid Engine,” these notebooks are supposed to be able to preserve battery life up to 35%. That 35% is “subject to system configuration.” All four new notebooks come with the Express Gate operating system that starts up in 8 seconds to do common tasks such as Internet browsing and listening to music without booting into the full operating system. Asus has also put in a facial recognition system which eliminates the need to login using a keyboard.

A quick rundown of the key features of the N10 include a 10.2-inch monitor, Intel Atom processor and NVIDIA GeForce 9300M graphics card. The N20 features a 12.1-inch monitor, 12 hours of battery life, Altec Lansing sound system and an eSATA hard drive with a moisture-resistant enclosure. A 14.1-inch monitor, NVIDIA GeForce 9 series graphics card, 1GB of VRAM and Dolby Surround decoding highlights the N80’s features. The N50’s features include a multimedia touchpad with backlit buttons and a built-in Air Ionizer which also improves air-flow.

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