Sharp announces the mix-matched Blu-ray/VHS combo player

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Sharp announced the mix-matched Aquos BD-HDV22 Blu-ray/VHS combo player

Sharp has just unveiled its latest player, which has been dubbed the Aquos BD-HDV22 and it is hard to imagine just what they were thinking because this player offers a mix of some very old and very new formats.

The BD-HDV22 offers a combination of a Blu-ray disc player, a 250GB hard drive and a VHS recorder. Yes, I said VHS. Definitely a strange combination. Although I would not say that a VHS is completely obsolete at this point, I am sure they are still around in many homes, but I cannot imagine why anyone would want to buy a VHS/Blu-ray combo player. You would think that if you were moving up to Blu-ray quality then any VHS tape would look very poor and almost seem unwatchable at this point.

Anyway (and also possibly thankfully) Sharp is planning to release the Aquos BD-HDV22 only in Japan. It is expected to go on sale November 25 and will retail for a not so cheap $1,500.

Read [Sharp Japan] Via [CrunchGear]

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  • Carol

    Does this machine or maybe it's next version offer the ability to migrate VCR recordings over to DVD? In that case I can see offering the VCR aspect. I have a ton of old classic football games, family movies, etc. that I'd like to move from VCR format. Is there a player yet that can do this and also burn a BD with programming from a DirecTV DVR?