Kitchen concept uses “electric tongue”

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Sometimes you’ve got to wait for technology to catch up to your imagination. Let’s look into the future and see what could be if designer Adam Brodowski has his way. This device is for those who want to cook, but still want to stay connected to social networking sites like Facebook or Myspace. This is the concept device known as the “Sook,” which I can only assume is some word blend of “social” and “cook”.

With the Sook, Brodowski dreams of creating a social networking site where users can share recipes in their kitchen with Wi-Fi technology. As you can see, the user can put his or her food on the Sook, and it doesn’t seem to affect its performance at all.

In fact, it is even encouraged. The Sook would be designed to sense what food is nearby using a special “electronic tongue” that can detect weight and moisture quantities. Somehow, the digital taste sensor can even predict how to mix the ingredients together so they will taste the best. Clearly, the Sook is device that is still concept, as we are a long way away from machines that taste. Maybe they could use sensors by Micromem. However, I can see many applications for this.

For example, a user can place his or her favorite dish on the Sook, and the recipe will be revealed. Looks like Colonel Sanders secret KFC formula will be secret no more. I also see the Sook as a device used to check foods for allergies, or even poisons. Yes, the Sook could both save and improve lives. Perhaps the Sook will be developed sooner rather than later.

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