Rumor proves true, Verizon announces Month-to-Month option

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Verizon LogoA few days ago, we reported that Verizon might be getting rid of their contracts and announcing a new, more flexible plan. Well, it turns out that rumor is true as Verizon announced a new Month-to-Month plan.

Effective immediately, new and old customers alike can opt in getting a month-to-month service, meaning you don’t have to be bounded by a one or two year contract. All phones can be bought at a retail price (read:extremely high) and you can sign the Month-to-Month deal. One of the flaws with contracted plans was that if you wanted to switch carriers, you would have to pay the Early Termination Fee, which wasn’t that cheap. Now, after each and every month, you have the option in terminating the contract and not have to pay a penny. Unfortunately, current Verizon customers who have contracts must finish off their contract term requirements before switching to the Month-to-Month contract.

It’s a good idea to implement this new deal, however, we will have to see how many new customers this deal will attract. Any readers ready to jump ship to month to month and take advantage of this? Let us know in the comments.

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  • clatham

    Great idea, too bad I'm locked in for another year and a half. I think that all providers should adopt this model. Contracts are ridiculous, anti-consumer and we have been conditioned to accept them as a part of life.

  • Natesh Sood

    I agree. All carriers should offer similar month-to-month contracts. Also, you're right about many people thinking that contracts are the only option, hopefully people realize that some carriers have more flexible contracts.