Windows 7 to strip down to the basics

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Because we all need all that extra stuff on our system when we bring it home from the store….right? Yeah. It seems as though Microsoft may actually be making a move in the right direction with this call. Their upcoming Windows 7 won’t include several of those built-in programs for email, movie making, and photo editing like they did include with Windows (*ahem*, memory hog) Vista.

In Vista, Microsoft had included Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Mail, and Windows Movie Maker as a part of the OS; until they later decided to offer separate downloadable Live programs that just pretty much replaced those programs with versions that were able to connect to online services from Microsoft and others. As per CNET, “Last night, Microsoft announced it decided to totally remove those features from Windows 7 and only offer the service-connected Windows Live versions as an optional free download.”

They gave several reasons for this decision. According to Window Live manager Brian Hall, one reason being the desire to issue new OS releases more quickly than they were able to in the past. Also the fact that it created confusion offering and supporting two different programs that performed essentially the same function.

Besides just adding clutter to an OS, it’s actually even selling short the applications themselves to just pop them into a bundle within an Operating System. When you do this, the reality is that newer programs that perform the same basic functionality are going to be coming out all the time…and yours are going to be lost in their dust. Spend some time keeping them separate, developing them more fully and making them available for download to someone who is actually going to use that service.

The “Wave 3″ release of the Windows Live program was released just last week, which added in Movie Maker. Hall says it is too soon to tell “Wave 4″ will precede or coincide with Windows 7. As for the proposed release date for Windows 7….Microsoft says January 2010…CEO Steve Ballmer says he’s shooting for a release next year. (Better decide on an answer gentlemen). Only time will tell how they plan to distribute the Live programs in conjunction with Windows 7-based PCs. Could be they will end up making deals with computer makers and retailers to provide access to the software. Regardless, for once, Microsoft just may be realizing the truth behind the saying “less is more”.

via [C|NET]

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