Google marks up Grand Central Terminal; adds NYC to transit directions

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Google marks up GCT
Look at what showed up atop the Grand Central Terminal in New York City today! A Google Map marker, signifying the inclusion into Google Map directions. In what seemed to be a Herculean effort to bring the nuances of the MTA transit authority under their reigns, Google has finally included the Big Apple in their “by public transit” option on Google Maps. To be fair, the MTA is the largest in the nation serving 2 out of every 3 public transit users in the country. It is not something you want to get wrong.

Using the service is much like using Google Maps, very clean, very simple, very Google. As a bonus, estimated train times in each station are provided for your trips (something I didn’t even know were known). Times of walking, time on the train/bus and the like are all computed for you.

Check out this video by Google Transit:

Source: [Official Google Blog]

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