Sony Vaio TT series notebook is the world’s lightest Blu-ray notebook

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Sony VAIO TT notebooks
Sony announced their latest series in its VAIO notebook lineup – the VAIO TT series. Sony says that these notebooks would be the world’s lightest with Blu-ray disc technology. TT notebook models weigh around 1.3kg and measures only an inch thick.

But certainly, being thin and lightweight are not all there are to the VAIO TT notebook series. TT units to be released later would have various features specific to each of the notebook models. The Sony VAIO TT notebook series also feature an 11.1-inch widescreen display powered by the XBRITE-DuraView LCD technology partnered with an energy-saving LED backlight. In addition, there is an HDMI output connector for connecting the notebook to an HDTV. These Sonys use Intel’s Centrino 2 inside which should help with power consumption.

In addition, the VAIO TT notebooks boast a dual channel 256GB solid state drive with RAID technology which enables users to have fast boot-up times, application launches and overall general performance. Other features include PC wireless Wide Area Network technology and a choice among the Windows OSs Vista and XP.

No word yet on a release date but the Sony VAIO TT notebook should cost around $2000-$2700 and will come in a variety of colors(carbon black, silk black, champagne gold and crimson red).
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