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GoogleSeeing how Google has taken over almost every web service, it is no longer a shock to hear updates on Google’s vast range of products.

Google has caught my attention with its latest enhancement on Google Books. In its efforts to further increase the usage of their Google Books service, Google has worked with major online booksellers such as Books-a-Million and to allow previews of books on their own websites. This means customers will be able to enjoy the convenience of previewing books of their choice without ever having to leave the retailers’ sites. This is a very useful service, particularly for the retailers, because they wouldn’t need to develop their own systems for previewing books on sale.

Here comes the interesting bit. If you run an online book selling service, you will surely be delighted to hear that you can implement this feature on your own site by utilizing the set of API released by Google. This will greatly benefit small to medium online book retailers by having an extremely useful feature with minimal costs. A notable user of the Book Search API is GoodReads, a social book-recommendation site.

Via [Official Google Blog]

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