Netgear’s new “green” machines

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netgear_wirelessnWith the number of home-based entertainment and productivity applications that are running over home networks growing by leaps and bounds, some Wireless-G routers just can’t handle users’ demands. Netgear saw this problem, and as a result, developed a new Wireless-N technology, which they feel is leaps and bounds above anything out there now.

Not shy about touting their product’s worth, Som Pal Choudhury, Netgear’s Senior Product Line Mgr. for Advanced Wireless Products, had this to say about their new products:

“The enhanced wireless speeds and greater coverage provided by Wireless-N technology enables the simultaneous use of applications such as voice-over-IP, video and multimedia streaming, console gaming, and Web surfing. The launch of these new Wireless-N networking solutions makes it easier and more affordable for consumers to replace their existing routers or modem routers and upgrade their WiFi networks to support these more bandwidth-intensive applications. The new product family is feature-rich in terms of performance capabilities and ease of use as well as energy-efficiency.”

The Wireless-N Router and Modem Router both include Netgear’s “Smart Wizard” installation CD, which will make set up easier for those that get nervous at the thought of anything new. You don’t even have to worry about passwords for your network, since the Wi-Fi Protected setup lets users connect all computers to the router by just pressing a button. The “Green” crowd will also appreciate the new router since it is eco-friendly. It uses 80% recycled materials in its packaging, has an on/off switch to save energy when your network isn’t being used, and uses Energy Star-qualified power supplies.

Users can also choose to purchase a networking kit that includes a Wireless-N USB Adapter with each new router. This way, you can upgrade each computer at the same time as your home network to fully support the Wireless-N technology. The Wireless-N router uses an ADSL2+ modem, which allows users to upgrade existing DSL equipment and gets rid of the need for an external modem.

In the United States, it is compatible with most major DSL Internet providers such as Verizon, AT&T, Earthlink and more. Netgear is also sure to wave the “security card” high. They claim to offer a pretty complete set of security features including double firewalls, Denial-of-Service, Protected Access, Wired Equivalent Privacy, Wireless Access Control, and Wi-Fi Protected Set Up.

Both the Wireless-N Router and the Router with Built in DSL Modem come with a one-year warranty and 24/7 tech support. The Router runs $89, and if you go with the Modem, it will be $119. If you choose to go ahead with the USB adapter kit, it’s $129. You can find them at any major retailer worldwide.

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  • Brennan @ Clean Tech

    Glad to see many companies trying to be more energy efficient. I don't know the specs but one thing is certain, companies are taking advantage of the "green" hype with products.