Just Announced: LiquidTV-TiVo for your PC

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Think of how many people have become very used to the ease of having TiVo. And now, it’s going to be available for your computer as well. Nero and TiVo are working together to launch LiquidTV, which basically is TiVo, just for a computer.

You’ll still get many of the same basic functions you know and love on regular TiVo. You can watch live or recorded TV. You are able to burn videos to DVD if your PC has a DVD burner. As long as your LiquidTV is networked with other TiVo boxes you have in your house, it even plays nice with those. So this means that you can watch a show that you recorded on your computer (with LiquidTV) on your regular TV (reading through the TiVo box) and vice versa. Isn’t that nifty? Plus, if you all of a sudden remember during your morning meeting that you forgot to set up a recording of the Monday Night Football game, have no fear. Even on the fly, you can schedule recordings using a web interface, so you definitely shouldn’t miss a thing. You can also transfer recordings out of the home to your laptop, iPod, or PSP.

The software runs only on Windows-based PC’s right now. No Mac or Linux version out yet (which is strange since TiVo is Linux-based). Also, some of the more advanced TiVo application options like TiVoCast aren’t included.

Set to go on sale October 15th, the kit will run you $199 for the complete bundle which includes a TV tuner that plugs into the PC and a remote. Since some computers already have a built-in tuner, and some with Vista already have the needed software to record TV shows, this isn’t something totally new. It is however, the first time TiVo functions and interface have gotten into the action. If you already have the built-in TV tuner, you can just buy the software for $99. Regardless of which way you go, buyers get a one-year subscription to the program guide updates, and renewal is $99 a year.

They plan to sell first in the US, Canada, and Mexico, but the company is considering opening up the market to where they don’t yet sell the boxes. VP and General Mgr of Int’l Business at TiVo, Joshua Danovitz says “It’s really part of a global TiVo strategy.”

via [Yahoo News]

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  • omegawatche

    Cool software! $99 nice price. Sold online??