Toshiba expands recycling program

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Toshiba Recycling Program
“Going Green” is certainly a very popular buzzword for many companies in the past few years. In an attempt to capitalize on that, many tech companies like Apple and Dell (and stores like Best Buy) have taken up recycling programs. In terms of the companies, however, it usually involves buying a product from them (and in Dell’s case, they’ll only take Dell branded items).

Toshiba is taking a different approach. Toshiba will accept any sort of electronics from cell phones to computer to video game systems, all without having to buy a single thing. Toshiba wants to recycle any sort of “e-waste” you might have regardless of where you buy electronics or what kind of electronics you buy. Toshiba will even pay you for recycling as a trade-in (which, admittedly Best Buy has offered before). For example, my two year old MacBook Pro would get me $325,, and a $25 Starbucks gift card. Not bad if I wanted to get rid of my computer.

With this move, Toshiba has made a goal for itself. The company hopes to recycle 12 million pounds of electronics by 2010, in the U.S. at least. To make it easy for consumers to recycle, Toshiba will allow you print out your own shipping label to ship it out on items with no trade-in value. Getting the word out might be a bit difficult. However, if a lot of laptops, computers and other electronics are bought straight from Toshiba, I would imagine they would promote the service that way. If word can be put out there for people to find it, 12 million pounds might not be all that unreasonable. There usually isn’t much word of these recycling programs after the initial announcement, but maybe this one can be different.

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  • BryantatDell

    It's good to see a recycling program from Toshiba — the more manufactuers that take responsiblity for products the better.

    Your characterization of Dell's program is incorrect. Dell will recycle any Dell branded product at any time for no charge and it includes home pick-up. Dell was the first computer manufacturer to offer free recycling and remains the only one doing it globally. ALSO, Dell recycled other branded products for free when customers are buying a new Dell.

    As for performance, Dell recycled 100 million pounds of computer equipment last year.

    More information is at