Netflix streaming gets a little more interesting, Starz Play content added

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Netflix and Starz have just announced a new partnership that will bring some additional content to the “Watch Instantly” category. The Starz partnership will add a total of 2,500 movies and television shows, about 1,000 titles will be made available immediately with the remainder coming over the next few weeks.

This new content from Starz will be made available to all Netflix subscribers under the terms of the “Watch Instantly” category, meaning that your subscription level will determine how many hours of streaming you receive each month. In addition they will also be offering a Starz only package for $7.99 a month that will allow subscribers to only view content from the Starz Play package.

Starz currently has deals with both Walt Disney Studios and Sony Pictures which means that Netflix subscribers will now have access to more recent movie titles such as “Spider-Man 3,” “No Country for Old Men” and “Superbad.” If nothing else this new partnership with Starz should prove to make the Roku player get a little more use, at least in my house.

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