Sony’s latest Reader Digital Book lets your fingers do the walking

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sonyprs700Sony’s latest model in their Reader family, the PRS-700 gives consumers the opportunity to choose how they would like to experience reading electronically. It is much closer to an actual “book” experience, but with all the cool e-reader add-ons.

The PRS-700 features an interactive touch display, that allows readers to actually flip pages simply with the slide of a finger. You can also look for terms in a book or a document, take notes on the virtual keyboard, or even use the stylus pen to highlight text you find especially important or interesting.

For those who find themselves having to hold the book just a little farther out than they used to, there is even five different preset text sizes, so readers are able to choose the one that is just right for them. Or, if you’d rather, you can just tap the screen to zoom in.

Same as with the PRS-505, Sony’s latest Reader also has high resolution and high contrast electronic paper display technology, which offers makes the reading experience a lot like reading a “regular” book or magazine. The text is crisp and clear, as well as the graphics, even when you are in bright sunlight. Sony is the first company to offer a built-in LED for times when ambient light isn’t available.

The Reader has a nice sized six-inch display and weighs about 10 ounces, about the size of a paperbook book. It has a textured black casing and a soft black cover, which makes it attractive to the “stylish and savvy” crowd. The memory is expanded, and lets you store about 350 average-sized digital books, which isn’t bad at all. Plus, if you use the optional Memory Stick Duo media or SD memory cards, you can up the capacity of the Reader to hold thousands of books.

Steve Harber, president of Sony’s Digital Reading Business Division, bragged about the new Reader saying, “Readers now have another choice in digital books. This new model has the eye-popping design and intuitive functionality that people have come to expect from Sony.”

The PRS-700 will run about $400 and should be on shelves next month. It will come with a USB cable, eBook Library PC companion software protective cover, and can be purchased direct through sonystyle or at any authorized retailer across the US, or more than 40 Sony Style stores nationwide.

Via [techmeme] and [sonynews]

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