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iLuv text to win contestThe crushing economic pressure here in the USA is feeling its weight around the world and is going to impact us all. Tech companies often feel their products are luxuries and could be the first thing consumers avoid, potentially making their big time of year, the holidays, a bust. So what is a tech gadget maker to do?

The traditional choices are lower your prices or get really creative. We, at Gadgetell, are starting to see both. Yesterday, I was contacted about a new promotion from iLuv that is actually one of the most creative efforts I’ve seen since, well, TV voting shows.

Vote for me

Normally, vote-by-texting is reserved for casting your vote for the latest American Idol or some other show. But not now. Now you can enter to win via text. That is right, you can text iLuv for a chance to win this snazzy iPod alarm clock.

The prize is a the iLuv iMM173, a dual iPod dock/alarm combo. While I hold the world is full of iPod docks, this one looks to be a thought out product. Just the 10 levels of brightness for the LCD screen says someone cares whether or not you like a beacon in your room, keeping you up like a fully excited lighthouse. Surround sound, 5W speakers and even remote control round out the highlights.

Wanna win?

How do you enter? Simply text “iLuv” to 95495. The contest will run from October 6 – November 6, 2008.

I believe we’ll see both creative ideas like this to capture eyes as well as significant price drops to pay for all those gadgets that left Asia before the economy showed signs of struggling. There is a lot of product on the water right now that is destined to be marked down and that means real deals for us gadget geeks. Not that price ever stops us, but what you get from family and friends might actually be a bit of good kit.

Check out this iLuv product: [iLuv]

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