Asus beats rivals with first quad-core gaming notebook: the G71V

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Asus G71V notebook

Asus has scored an industry first with its recently announced G71V notebook. The 17-inch notebook will be the first true mobile quad-core gaming notebook to be released in the market. While others may have quad-core processors in their machines, the fact that the Asus G71V got it in a mobile computing machine gives the company some bragging rights.

For those who are fond of overclocking their notebook to achieve maximum performance, they will be glad to know that despite the G71V’s stock Core 2 Extreme chip running at 2.53GHz, Asus didn’t put any hardware restriction on the G71V notebook. Hence, users can pretty much push the notebook’s performance to rival desktop PCs.

Of course, what good is a gaming notebook if it doesn’t come with a powerful video card? The Asus G71V is packed with a 512MB GeForce 9700M GT. Its 17-inch LCD has a 8ms pixel response time and two 500GB hard drives. Other features of the Asus G71V include a DVD burner, up to 4GB of DDR3 memory, Blu-ray drive and optional WiMAX. It is also capable of displaying HD content in 1920×1200 resolution.

Hopefully, Asus will release the G71V soon, as we are pretty sure that gamers would definitely want to have such notebook.

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