Fujifilm’s 3D camera is just the tip of the iceberg

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fujifilm3dPhotographers have been messing around with 3D photography for years. It just hasn’t been a nice and easy, already developed for them, consumer-friendly, point and shoot 3D camera they were using to take the photos. Some photographers were rigging up their own cameras to get the effect, some doing it in post-processing. Some, used much less user-friendly four lens cameras that did exist out there, just not with the best picture quality.

Fujifilm is hoping to remedy all of that with their development of their 3D camera. The way it accomplishes the 3D effect is to use two lenses and two sensors. The lenses are about 6 to 7-cm apart, which is the width between the average person’s eyes. These lenses and sensors take different pictures from different angles simultaneously. Then, it combines the different pictures to create one image that is displayed on the camera’s 2.8-inch, 230,000 pixel LCD screen.

This step, which is probably the most important in the process, is accomplished thanks to the newly developed chip called the “Real Photo Processor 3D.” The camera uses “built-in 3D auto,” which figures out how to shoot from both of the sensors. The 3D auto also works as you press the shutter down, causing the focus, exposure, zoom range, and more to synchronize, to help guarantee a perfect capture.

The photos are able to be seen in 3D even by the naked eye because of Fujifilm’s “Light Direction Control” proprietary technology, which controls the direction of light. Fujifilm doesn’t detail exactly how this is done, but they do swear that the images are captured just like your eyes see them, and that you won’t need those funky glasses at all.

Because obviously, we don’t take pictures just to keep them in our camera and “oooh” and “ahhhh” them on the LCD screen (even in 3D), Fuijifilm is also developing a 8.4″ FinePix 3D Photo Frame. Since the frame also features the “Light Direction Control System,” you’ll be able to see the images in 3D in the frame as well. You can also choose to print out a few copies of your photographic masterpiece. Yes, they are working on a 3D printer too.

And since it is important to keep up with Joneses especially in the world of tech, other companies are following the lead of Fujifilm and are expected develop their own version of 3D cameras in the next couple of years. No word on pricing or availability yet, but keep an eye out.

Via [wired] and [dpreview]

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  • Faucet

    This Fujifilm's 3D camera is awesome and very nice. It gives life to photographs. Its clarity is great.

  • rubenrubert

    Beginning of 3D era