Motorbike thief thwarted by GPS snitch

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GPS SnitchTwice thieves have stolen this guy’s motorbike on the tough streets of New York. Twice, this guy has led police to his bike to recover it. Smooth. It makes the $300 investment in GPS Snitch and the $14.99 per month charges seem pretty small.

The GPS Snitch works with both GPS and cell tower tech to deliver text messages alerting you to movement beyond a perimeter you set up. The GPS data can be viewed online or even via a cool BlackBerry blip application that guides you to your property. The tracking updates every 5 seconds or so and can port the data to Google Earth.

“This product has helped me get my bike back twice now,” said Tenai, the bike owner. “It sent me a text message when my bike was moved, then allowed me to track it and gave me the exact location it was parked at so police could recover it all within 20 minutes. The Snitch is just an amazing security device and I would recommend it to anyone worried about their motorcycle or car.”

Makes you wonder if this guy is just lucky or had the bike been stolen before? The bike was a ’96 Honda CBR 1000RR, which in my opinion is far too much bike for a thief much less the streets of NY. Just saying.

Live in a high crime area? Check it out: [GPS Snitch]

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  • keshavan

    my frist bike have been robbed my someone i need gpa tec in my bike i gonna get a new bike help me