Rumor proves true, Microsoft extends downgrade date for XP

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Microsoft Windows LogoSeveral days ago, on October 3, we reported about a rumor that Microsoft was going to extend the downgrade date to XP from January 31, 2009 to July 31, 2006 – a total of 6 more months.

InformationWeek had e-mailed a Microsoft representative to check if the rumor had any truth in it, and a spokesman replied saying:

“As more customers make the move to Windows Vista, we want to make sure that they are making that transition with confidence and that it is as smooth as possible. Providing downgrade media for a few more months is part of that commitment.”

Vista is so unpopular that it was found in UK’s Corporate IT Forum that 4% of businesses in the UK are using Vista, 35% aren’t interested in using Vista, and a staggering 58% are still using Windows XP. Statistics such as this one have probably led Microsoft to extending the downgrade date. It should also be known that Windows 7 should be available in 2010, only about 6 months after the downgrade date of July 31, 2009 ends. Microsoft hopes that Windows 7 is lot more popular than Vista, otherwise they many will still continue using the already 7 year old XP.

Basically, by extending the downgrade date, spending nearly 300 million dollars on Microsoft ads without any mention Vista; they are practically admitting the failure of Vista and look forward to the release of Windows 7.

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