Freestyle outs its new Soundwave waterproof MP3 player

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Freestyle Soundwave MP3 player

Recently, sports gadget manufacturer Freestyle, has released a new waterproof MP3 player called the Soundwave. Nope, this has nothing to do with Transformers, unfortunately. Although bringing your MP3 player while diving or snorkeling is already possible before with the use of third-party waterproof casings, Soundwave Freestyle eliminates the need for those with the Soundwave’s waterproof features that allows it to be submerged down to 10 feet of water.

In case the MP3 player accidentally slips from your pocket, it will float onto the water surface so you don’t have to worry about losing it. The Soundwave MP3 package also comes with an armstrap which can hold the device securely when you are using it on a rugged environment.

Aside from those features, the Soundwave MP3 is also shock resistant, can store up to 2GB of music, be it MP3, WMA or WMA DRM-ed files. Complementing its music player is a built-in FM Tuner that comes with channel presets. It also has a black and blue OLED screen, an internal rechargeable battery, and boasts 18 hours of playback per battery charge.

The Freestyle Soundwave MP3 is available for purchase now and will set you back for $90 if you prefer a blue model or $100 if you prefer you it in camo. The MP3 package comes with an armstrap, USB cable and waterproof earbuds.

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  • aquadude

    I think this looks a lot like Freestyle's waterproof MP3 that they have been selling for about a year! I know because I bought one about 6 months ago. I used it and returned it because the waterproof earbuds are made of very stiff rubber that hurt my ears and didn't sound very good. The MP3 player is a bit big so I looked around on the web and found a waterproofed iPod Shuffle that is made by a company called Swimman ( ). The Swimman iPod Shuffle is waterproofed inside so its very small and clips to my swim goggles. Their waterproof headset sounds very good and is very very comfortable which allows me to swim to my music for as long as I wish.

  • Karlobass

    After 30 minutes of swimming in the pool it became dead! Poor design! I can not believe some one can call device water proof with mini-jack socket for headphones! Not reliable at all!