Mio intros Moov 500 series in Europe

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Mio Moov 500

Recently, Mio announced their new Moov 500 GPS series in Europe, within the 500 series are 8 nice GPSs. Unfortunately, for the time being, these GPSs will only be available in Europe.

Some common features in all of the 500 series are a 4.7-inch touch screen, TeleAtlas maps, and Bluetooth connectivity. The 560 and 580 come with text-to-speech capabilities, live local search using Bluetooth. The 500 and 510 have local search from desktop, the 510 and 580 come with real time traffic updates, and the 580 comes with an FM Transmitter.

Now, moving on to prices, as you can imagine, the GPSs with less features will cost less, so here we go. The Moov 500 Regional sells for 179 Euros, while the Moov 500 Europe sells for 199 Euros. The Moov 510 Regional costs 199 Euros, the Moov 510 Europe sells for 229 Euros. The 560 Regional sells for 199 Euros and the 560 Europe sells for 229 Euros. The 580 Europe sells for 249 Euros and the 580 Europe Plus sells for 279 Euros.

The only difference between the Moov 580 Europe Plus and the regular 580 Europe is that the Plus model comes with maps of 33 Western and Eastern European countries, as opposed to 22 Western countries by the preceding models.

Via [NaviGadget]

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