ASUS Eee All-In-One touch screen PC available for pre-order

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Behold!  The Asus Eee All-in-One touch screen PC! has the Asus Eee All-in-One Touch Screen desktop PC available for pre-order in the United Kingdom at a bit under $700. The computer should be released on November 20th.

The cool part about the PC is its 15.6-inch touch screen. Any computer that adds another input option is all right in my book.

The desktop uses an Intel Atom processor which should mean this is a light duty machine that does not consume too much electricity. This PC seems to be for casual computing as it only comes with 160GB of hard drive space and 1GB of RAM.

This Asus is running Windows XP Home, has built-in speakers, Wi-Fi, and in a nice surprise, Gigabit Ethernet. If you don’t care for Windows, Asus threw in the Express Gate OS, which boots up in only a few seconds.

I know it is technically a desktop PC and isn’t really meant to be lugged around, but a battery would have been nice so you can move the device around easily.

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