Evernote releases API

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EvernoteSeems just about every web service recently is releasing their API in an attempt to become more open. The fantastic note-taking and organizing app Evernote can now be added to the list. After announcing their plans to do so a while ago, Evernote finally released the API on Wednesday, allowing anyone to integrate the service into other desktop applications, or even to create their own clients for it.

The announcement also come with other features for Evernote. These would be scripting and XML exporting. The XML exporting s a bit boring, though it is important. Through it you can move your notebooks from one client to another, even switching between the Windows and Mac clients.

The scripting feature is one mainly for those who know a bit of coding, though Evernote claims it can your client into a Rube Goldberg machine of sorts. Another option mentioned is that of adding RSS feeds to Evernote, which could possibly be useful, but might run up the monthly storage if synced onto the server.

Possibly the biggest interest among Evernote users (myself included) is the more available option for a Linux client. Using both Leopard and Ubuntu and being forced to use the web interface on the latter can be a bit of a letdown. Granted, it could be an excuse for Evernote to not have to bother with a Linux client, but any chance of receiving one would be considered a good thing.

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