Get rid of your cable box: Panasonic and Comcast show off Tru2way

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Panasonic and Comcast showing off tru2way

Tru2way is coming and Panasonic is putting it in their VIERA TVs! Yeah! That’s great! Now what is tru2way?!

Well tru2way is the consumer-friendly name for a technology that lets you have access to all kinds of cable television guides, on demand services, and actual cable television without the need for a convertor box.

Panasonic is working with Comcast to show off tru2way in Denver and Chicago right now. Other cable systems will roll out the service over time.

So in the future, we’ll have cables going right into our televisions and we will have access to all the services your cable provider makes available. This is a bit like “cable ready televisions” back in the old days, but with a new name and much cooler features.

Cable cards were meant to eliminate the need for set top boxes, but they lacked several key features including video on demand. We will see how this latest technology fares. These televisions will be available at Circuit City, Ultimate Electronics and Abt Electronics later this month.

Read [Panasonic Press Release]

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