The Eee PC turns one today

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It was just one year ago that Asus unveiled the Eee PC and created what has become the netbook craze. It was October 16, 2007 when the Eee PC 701 first became available, of course at that time the availability was limited to Taiwan. But how quickly and drastically things can change in just one year.

Since the release of the 701, we have seen netbooks take off. Not only has Asus continued to expand in this market, but countless others including HP, Acer, MSI and Dell have rolled out their own models to compete.

The Eee has grown from the original 701 with its little 7-inch display that, although, still a nice and capable netbook seems a little outdated when compared to some of the newer Eee models. As we have seen, Asus has almost gone overboard with the lineup. However, that has also given us a good selection including the 8.9-inch 900 series, the 10-inch 1000 series and more recently the introduction of the almost luxury model Eee PC S101.

Personally, I jumped on this craze soon after the initial release of the 701 and have used several netbooks so far, but, that little 701 is still in my collection and among my favorites.

In keeping with the celebration, the team over at Laptop Magazine actually went and threw a party complete with some birthday hats, cake and guests (both real and digital). You can attend, virtually of course, and offer the Eee PC 701 some birthday wishes.

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