Samsung will support DivX in its TVs

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Soon you'll be able to watch DivX video on your Samsung TV without a computerSamsung and DivX have a deal in place to bring DivX support to Samsung televisions. Soon, you’ll be able to take a USB drive to your television and watch DivX movies all day. You could also hook up the TV via Ethernet to a DLNA device to watch DivX content.

Is anyone else wondering why? If you’re one of the folks who manages to obtain a lot of DivX content, odds are you have the ability to watch that video on your TV. Then again, if you’re that person, you might want to get a Samsung TV because it already supports your vids without the need for a computer.

The convergence of televisions and computers keeps going forward. Televisions have gone a long way from being just dumb little monitors with speakers to smart displays with some computing power.

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