Ballmer says Microsoft/Yahoo deal “still makes sense”

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Yep, looks like we haven’t heard the end of the whole Yahoo/Microsoft going-ons. However, that apparently isn’t the official position of Microsoft…just their CEO. While speaking at the Gartner ITXpo in Orlando, Florida, this morning, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer came out with the following comments.

“We offered 33 bucks [for Yahoo] and it’s at $11 today. It’s clear Yahoo didn’t want to sell. They probably still think it’s worth more than $33 a share…I still think it makes sense for their shareholders and ours.”

This little gem caused Yahoo stock to jump 17% despite the fact that an official statement by Microsoft disputed any interest stating “Our position hasn’t changed. Microsoft has no interest in acquiring Yahoo; there are no discussions between the companies.”

Looks like they better get their stories straight.

Remember way back when Yahoo turned them down, then turned around and was ready to take them up on their offer for $33? By then, Microsoft was sick of it. Looks like if Microsoft is indeed changing their minds, they are certainly getting a deal.

Good grief…Yahoo…Google…Microsoft. Maybe they should just go with YaGooSoft and be done with it. Following all of this is getting tiring.

Via [techmeme] and [alleyinsider]

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    Microsoft will certainly do well if it acquires Yahoo. Some of the reasons are: A great brand name on the Internet that is well established since the mid 1990s, users like me who are accustomed to doing a Yahoo search in addition to doing searches using Google, MSN, and other search engines, and a Web site with popular features like geocities, Yahoo games, and chat. In addition to 275 million Yahoo e-mail users around the world.