Asus CEO announces 4 million Eee PC’s have been sold

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Despite any feelings that you may have regarding netbooks, it is hard to argue against their popularity. And if there is any doubt as to how popular they really are, you may want to ask Asus. The whole netbook revolution is just barely one year old, and Asus CEO Jerry Shen has just given up some details on the sales figures for the Eee PC.

It turns out that they have already sold nearly four million Eee PCs, and have plans to reach the five million mark by the end of 2008. Given the lower pricing that we have been seeing lately, coupled with the never ending lineup of new models, it seems only safe to believe they will reach that goal of five million. Of course, that belief is coming from a regular netbook user. I cannot help but wonder how many of those four million sales came from buyers (like myself) who started with an Eee PC 701 and moved on to other models in the Eee PC lineup as they were introduced.

According to Shen those totals include sales of the Eee PC netbook, and not any of the other Eee branded products such as the Eee Box. As for which models of the Eee PC did the best in terms of sales, the smaller 7-inch did well, in part because that was the only model available during the first quarter.

Otherwise, Shen has said that the 900, 901, 1000 and 1000H are all doing well thanks to their 9 and 10-inch 1024 x 600 resolution displays, but the smaller 7-inch models continue to be in demand as well.

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