Touchscreen-based, Windows 7 compatible Eee PC’s coming in 2009

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Windows 7 touchscreen based Eee PC coming in 2009In addition to the recent announcement regarding the Eee PC selling 4 million units, CEO Jerry Shen also confirmed a few details regarding some upcoming Eee PCs.

Without giving away all of the details, Shen was able to confirm that consumers should expect to see a touchscreen-based Eee PC available sometime in early-2009. That sounds exciting, but unfortunately, Shen did not go into very much detail about what we can expect those touchscreen models to look like, simply stating that they were exploring a convertible tablet model. Sounds like a nice addition, but we can only hope that the design is significantly improved and that we see something other than a current styled Eee with a touchscreen added.

Not to be limited by just adding a touchscreen, Shen also mentioned that we can expect some Windows 7 compatible Eee PC’s sometime around the middle of 2009. Of course this is before Windows 7 is expected to begin shipping, so the availability of those are likely to come at a later date.

While both the touchscreen and Windows 7 Eee PCs sound interesting enough, they are not something that would hold me off from making a netbook purchase now or in the short term future. Looking forward into the future, Shen stated that they are planning to offer “more exciting products next year” and they will be priced from $250 up to $700. He also gave us a little teaser, stating that Asus will be announcing new Eee products in Q1 of 2009. Sounds like we have a CES announcement to look forward to.

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