BlackJack 3? Samsung brings out Epix to AT&T

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Samsung EpixE-mail, messaging, Internet, touchscreen all for under $100. That is what Samsung has been bringing to AT&T now for about 2 years under the BlackJack name. Today, Samsung changes things up and rolls out the Epix name for what looks to be the 3rd installment in the BlackJack family. Thankfully, its got two big additions its supposed siblings were sorely missing.

Namely: touchscreen and voice dialing. Oh, thank the higher powers! For those of us on corporate phones, the BlackJack was a safe bet. It did most of the things you needed, though none too well. We all missed voice dialing. This version finally brings it all home.

The Epix runs Windows Mobile 6.1, features a 2 mp camera and runs on the 3G network. The phone is on AT&T’s site now for just $99; $20 more than the BlackJack 2. Sounds like a pretty good deal. I’ll have one to play with soon, so expect an update on how it really performs.

Product page [AT&T]

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