Ring Plus: scam or fantastic free calls?

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Ring Plus logoRing back tones, that music you can opt to hear instead of a ring phone when you place a call is getting more intelligent. Ring Plus, a US company, has been offering free calls (even international) to its subscribers in exchange for listening to an advertisement while waiting for your callee to pick up. Could it be just that easy?

Ring Plus thinks so. They’ve just completed a six month beta test of the service and were impressed with the results. They believe they are going to revolutionize the telecom industry:

“People got crazy. Some individuals placed over 70 phone calls a day. They all enjoyed our free calls. Our subscribers love our service. We grow and continue to grow 1.5% daily just because people are recommending us to their friends,” said Karl Seelig, CEO and inventor of the Ring Plus system.

Upon signing up for the service, you are asked some basic questions upon which they’ll place you into target groups. From there, your ads will be quasi-relevant to you. Among the hobbies you can select for yourself here are my favorite two: “being lazy” and “my work is my hobby.” So you know they’ve got a sense of humor.

Ok, so what is the catch? Frankly, I am not sure there is one. Ring Plus sees themselves as a freer of folks paying too much for phone service (everyone say, “I”) while at the same time a pied piper leading advertisers to eager customers who want to listen to their pitch. Their terms of service says they can limit the length of calls at any time; I imagine someone using the service for hours upon hours.

However, their website does seem a little behind the times and raises a flag about the company themselves. That is their logo above. The site has odd coloring, interesting use of graphics, and menus hearken back to an earlier, simpler Internet. But hey what do I know? Here is what the company says about itself:

Ring Plus is a free-spirited telephone community in which we all interact in an environment of trust, honesty, and respect.

I am thinking this could be the warning shot of a new wave. This could be the start of a new phone company or something the bigger guys eat up. Their technology is a good start forward for opt-in advertising and couple this with geo-location from all our cell phones with GPS and you’ve got something very powerful. Very powerful indeed. Imaging calling your bud to see what they want to do for dinner only to hear a 2 for 1 special right up the block. This is a company to watch.

Company site: [Ring Plus]

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  • The Real Zam

    I've used their service for a few months and love it too. I really love it! I've not seen any catch beyond hearing the ads, which are often funny! When I first had issues understanding how to use it, i called them and actually got a live person for support which really helps boost their credibility.

  • Neil

    I am using this service from 3 months now but can not use it anymore as when ever I try it now it says that my account has been suspended and I have to contact support at , which i did but no reply from them. I can not make a new account and use it again, as i saved my number with my first account.
    Please let me know if there is any way to solve this problem.

  • peter

    I Think they allow only US subscribers. I got my account blocked, phoned them and they reopend it. Turn out that you just have to give them a real us adress

  • Abhishek Shanbhag


    I used ringplus for approx 3 months, but now I feel my cell phone number is blocked. Whenever I call a local US access number and I enter my account no and pin, it disconnects. Even if I enter my Friends valid account no and pin from my cell phone it disconnects. However i can connect from his phone using my account no and pin. How do i reach their customer care. I tried calling an access number and then 611 but it keeps asking for the account no and pin. Please help me.


  • Rashida

    hi…on the site it shows that ring plus is a free calling service…but whnever i try to call abroad…it says tht calls to you destination number are too expensive…so if this is what they are sayin then its not suppose to be a free internation calling…please help me if any alternative serive…thanks

  • Peter

    Abhishek RingPlus Head quarter Number is 310 247 9002. I don't have to enter any more my pin I just went on their website and registered my cell number. My call time increased.

  • Xavier

    I was looking more information about this issue and I found this company, CPM telecom, they developed a Ring Back Tone Advertising platform for mobile carriers and advertisers, so I hope that mobile carriers will be aware of that issue and in a future all could benefit of this kind of services. this is the website

  • Jim Dickens

    Ya, Ring plus is an awesome service. I had been using it for over a couple of months now :)

  • Anita Erickson

    The old RingPlus is back and does not give up on free calls, but has changed a bit. Today, RingPlus is offering limited zero-cost cell service for people bringing their own Sprint* device and activating it over the RingPlus website, RingPlus offered free international calling a few years ago, but over VoIP. Now they’ve become a full blown wireless carrier with enough sense to ditch pinless dialing and VoIP apps on smartphones since their beta test in 2009

  • Anita Erickson

    The old RingPlus is back and does not give up on free calls, but has changed a bit. Today, RingPlus is offering Free cell service for people bringing their own Sprint* device and activating it over the RingPlus website