Skype’ing free calls on Android; catch unvieled

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iSkoot on the Android G1
Launched yesterday in the Android application store, iSkoot for Skype became the first Skype client for the new T-Mobile G1. This application allows users to place and receive Skype calls just like they can do from their desktop, but now on the go.

Free calls always sounds good, but whats the catch? Oddly, iSkoot does not use the cellular data network for these calls. Instead, iSkoot uses voice network for a local call, and you are billed for airtime, just like placing a standard voice call. Additionally, iSkoot apparently plays well with WiFi assuming the app works the same for other mobile OSes iSkoot works on. Here is the cost breakdown:

Skype to Skype calls: charges for airtime and data
Skype to Skype out calls: charges for airtime, Skype out rate and data
Receiving Skype calls: Skype mobile forwarding fee, airtime and data
Skype Chat: data and SMS

On the plus side, iSkoot would be great for Skype to Skype international calls as you will only be billed for a local call (included in your monthly minutes). While iSkoot is the only VoIP application in the Android store, it is sure not to be the last.

Source: [Cell Fanatic]
Company page: [iSkoot]

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