Dell’s your new music pimp

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Dell Music Selection

Whenever you buy a PC, you probably are annoyed with all the programs that are installed on it; some of which you just leave on because it’s a hassle to remove. Dell seems to think that people would like to have music preloaded on their PC for only a little bit extra.

By teaming up with giant music company UMG, Universal Music Group, Dell has been able to recently load computers with music of your choosing. Starting at $25, you can opt to receive either 50 songs or 100 songs for $45. The nice thing about this pre-loaded music is that it’s basically half the price you would normally pay for the same amount of music, so it’s a pretty sweet deal. All music comes DRM-free and will be able to play as soon as you start up your PC.

It sounds like a decent idea, but the popularity of this service will depend on how big of a selection they have. Many people will probably just rip the CD’s they own to start off their music collection, or transfer music they have from one computer to another. However, if they do have a big selection, which they probably will, I could see this service actually working well. Right now, it’s only available in select new Dell PCs.

Read [Dell] Via [BusinessWire]

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