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elmoChristmas is for the kids, right? Better get them crossed off the shopping list first. I checked out a few of the wish lists floating around and thought I would share them with you. Wouldn’t you know, they are filled with electronics. We have plenty of shopping days til the holidays. That is, unless your kids want Elmo Live, which is already selling out.


A peek at’s list of Christmas must-haves shows how tech-savvy kids are. All the gifts listed promise to be fun AND educational. Products were tested by kids, parents and teachers, and judged based on criteria like entertainment level, education, price and safety. Among other great gifts, their list includes the following electronics:

  • When We Left Earth – DVD covering 40 years of space exploration
  • Olympus Stylus SW 850 Digital Camera – kid-proof camera available in cool kid colors
  • Lightroom 2 – photo management software to edit and organize all those pictures taken with the SW 850
  • Apple iPod Nano – if you don’t know what this is, you must be the only one on the planet who doesn’t
  • Lightsnake Podcasting Kit – includes microphone, editing software and a one year of website hosting
  • Spore – that little civilization-type game that also teaches a little
  • Nabaztag – a Wi-Fi rabbit that can tell time, read the news, recite email and send messages

See the whole list at

Most Popular

My favorite find is Hot Toys 2008. It’s a list of this year’s most popular toys, who still has them in stock, and how much they cost. You know right where to go to get your little techie the Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Waterproof Digital Camera (not ToysR’Us, it’s out of stock there) or Portable DVD Player. Educational learning systems and video games fill up the list. They haven’t left out a robot, remote control vehicle, laser tag set, night vision goggles, karaoke machine, mp3 player, and in its own section the “Hottest Video Game Systems.” The top toy here is already highly sought after – the talking, moving, singing – Elmo Live.

Ready to get shopping yet?

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