Glad this one’s not guys against girls

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lagardeWhat is the strongest thing in the world? The Boy Scouts know the answer. The Internet.

Since putting their fundraising products on the Internet, the Boy Scouts have seen a 700% increase in sales. Yes, I said 7. 700%! Now that’s a great return on your investment. Weaver Popcorn, the Boy Scouts’ supplier of popcorn changed their ecommerce provider to LaGarde and updated the Boy Scouts’ fundraising site.

They will still sell door-to-door, but now you can get that yummy popcorn easier and faster by ordering online. If you have never experienced the scrumptious treats they sell, you must get some of the chocolaty caramel crunch popcorn and experience heaven on earth. It is worth every penny – and you help out a good cause.

It pays to focus on ecommerce and update your website. Why didn’t the rest of us think of that? Oh, wait, we did. About ten years ago. Maybe the Girl Scouts will follow suit – because I get tired of trying to find someone to buy cookies from. But, according to their website, “*** For the safety and security of the girls who are selling cookies, Girl Scout Cookies are not available for purchase online. (policy of Girl Scouts of the USA)***” With 700% increase, I think the girls have some catching up to do.

LaGarde offers ecommerce solutions to businesses of all sizes. They have worked with names like Hitachi, Lee, and the Detroit Pistons.

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