Philips announces Bluetooth capable GoGear Luxe

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Philips GoGear Luxe

Usually, MP3 players serve only a few purposes such as playing audio and probably video. It is pretty rare to find good Bluetooth embedded in an MP3 player. However, Philips has recently announced their new MP3 player that incorporates Bluetooth 2.1 technology for hands free calling.

The GoGear LUXE is a MP3 player that pairs to your handset via Bluetooth. If you play a lot of music on your phone, you know what a battery drain that can be — the LUXE would alleviate that problem.

Basically, you can opt to answer a phone call while the music automatically pauses. There is a small LCD screen that will display the number calling, so you won’t have to answer the phone call blindly. In addition to Bluetooth, it also comes with an FM tuner and Philips’ FullSound, which is a piece of technology that claims to make compressed audio play in CD quality. It also comes with 10 hours of straight audio playback as well as 100 hours of standby time – overall a pretty nice battery life.

As of now, it is only available as a 2GB model, and I’m guessing from the picture above that it is only available in red and white. It will start selling in Singapore starting next month first for S$139, which is about $94.37 US. Expect the GoGear Luxe to be available in more countries in the following months.

Read [Cnet] Via [PMP Today]

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