Live video streaming on Blackberry’s through Qik

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Qik Video Streaming for BlackberryIt was a feature that Blackberry users have been longing to have on their handsets. Finally the wait is over as video web streaming service Qik has just released the alpha version of its mobile video streaming client for Blackberry devices.

The new Qik mobile video streaming app will let you live stream your video from your mobile phone to and major social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace as well your personal blogs. Download the application from After installing the app on your Blackberry device, you can start streaming live videos by simply pressing the Stream button that will appear when you fire up the application on your Blackberry device.

Some things to consider before using the application on your Blackberry handsets:

  • Sign up and create your account at
  • Make sure that your video capturing mode is set to the following directory; SDCard/Blackberry/Videos
  • Make sure that you have a SD card in your Blackberry handset
  • Preferably your handset should be running on Blackberry OS 4.5 for maximum performance of the application

The new mobile video streaming client was already proven to work on Blackberry Pearl 8120, Blackberry Pearl 8130 and the Blackberry Bold. Qik promised to make it available to Curve, Pearl Flip 8220 and other Blackberry models soon.

If you want to make sure that the new Qik video client works on your Blackberry handsets, check out the blog’s comment section as there are actual users who posted their initial experiences when they installed the application. Some were successful, while some experienced some bugs.


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