E-ventr hopes to organize all your free time

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With the release of the iPhone App Store and the Android Market, a lot of apps are trying to become the next social networking app. E-ventr for Android tries to accomplish this goal by managing your free time. With E-ventr you can create ope events, or join open events that your friends that are attempting to do something.

Sure, E-ventr requires everyone else to have the same app, which as of now means they also need to have a G1 phone. So, assuming that is the case, you’ll be able to coordinate events easily.

It uses the built-in GPS to show the location of the event so you always know where to actually go for each event. I would assume the app notifies you about an event before it happens, but without a G1 to test it, I can’t say.

E-ventr has a somewhat lofty goal of organizing your free time and the free time and events of your friends. There is a Pro version coming soon according to the website, but no information as to what that entails as opposed to the standard version.

No matter what it is, I doubt it will change anything significant about what E-ventr does. If E-ventr could also release an iPhone version, I would imagine it could be more popular. There are so many of these sorts of apps already on the iPhone, the first one to work on both Android and iPhone would be useful for the tech junkies that love Android and those who are iPhone users.

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